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  • January 12, 2023

Routine visits to a primary care physician (PCP) establish your normal baseline, monitors your health trends, and allow for early intervention and screening for chronic illnesses and diseases. Only 66% of adults in America report going to a doctor for a routine physical exam in the past year. Routine visits are important because 70% of deaths in America are caused by chronic disease. Preventable chronic diseases are diagnosed among 50% of Americans.

Why do you need annual check-ups?

Visiting a PCP annually is important for establishing your normal. A PCP can determine your optimal weight based on your height. Regular visits to your PCP allow you to establish a relationship with your PCP. This is important because your PCP can be your first call when you have a health issue, whether it is a common cold, the flu, a stomach bug, or pain. When health issues arise, you can work together with your PCP to determine what the next steps are.

Document Trends

At annual checkups, your PCP measures your weight, vital signs, and performs routine blood work such as cholesterol levels. These numbers are important for your overall health as they allow you to act as your numbers begin to change. Having regular appointments allows your PCP to determine if your numbers are getting too high or too low. You can prevent high cholesterol and high blood pressure by making lifestyle changes as soon as your numbers get higher. In the past 5 years, only 75% of adults in America have had their cholesterol tested. This means 25% of Americans do not know their cholesterol levels and do not know if they are getting too high. You can work towards a healthy lifestyle once you know your numbers and trends.

Early Identification Equals Early Intervention

Annual checkups are also used to schedule routine screenings. Routine cancer screenings can detect early signs of cancer. This allows for early intervention and treatment of cancer. The earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the chances of successful treatment. Recommended cancer screenings include: ·

  • Breast cancer screening with a mammogram every two years for women 50 to 74 years old and at average risk. ·
  • Colon cancer screening with a colonoscopy every 10 years for adults 45 years and older and at average risk. ·
  • Cervical cancer screening with a pap smear every three years for women 21 years and older and at average risk.


Depending on your risk factors, other blood tests, and screenings can be ordered. These are determined by speaking with your PCP about your family health history, and personal risk factors.

Schedule Today for an annual check-up

Start your health journey today. It is never too late. Make an appointment to schedule your annual checkup today. No insurance? No worries. Dr. Khan from Shifa Healthcare mentions, “Annual Check up is recommended at least once a year, at any age group and very recommended for people over the age of 50. The exam gives you a chance to talk to them about any ongoing pain or symptoms that you’re experiencing or any other health concerns that you might have. Shifa Healthcare welcomes all. Schedule an appointment now here:

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