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  • May 17, 2023
  • More than 1 in 5 American adults live with a mental illness.
  • Every 11 minutes, one person dies from suicide.


Mental health is as important as physical health. It is more than okay to ask for help. There are many different resources available. Find the right one for you and take care of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Here are 5 places or people you can turn to for help with your mental health.


Find the right therapist for you. Therapists can be found through referrals from your primary care provider, online, or through your health insurance. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual therapy has become more widely used. This has made therapy more accessible. Therapists are not all the same. Each therapist has their own methodology and personality. Find a therapist that you connect and feel comfortable with. It is okay if you meet with a couple of therapists before finding the one that is right for you. Therapy is about you and for you.

Support Group

The purpose of a support group is to bring together a group of people who share something in common. There are many different types of support groups. They can be specific to a life situation or a medical diagnosis. There may be a local or online support group you can join based on what you are looking for at this time in your life. Support groups offer a chance for people to connect, share knowledge, and overall support each other.


Churches offer many different options for help. There are religious services, prayer groups, volunteer opportunities, or spiritual direction. Any of these options can help you connect with people. The church itself may help you, or they may know someone or another organization that can help you. Asking a church what they offer can be a good start to finding what will work for you.

Life Coach

A life coach is a master of habit change. A life coach is someone you meet with individually or in a group setting. It can be done in person or virtually. Every life coach has unique specializations. Some examples of what a life coach can help you with include decreasing stress, improving sleep, and decreasing burnout. The list of what a life coach can help you with is endless. You can find a life coach that is specific to what you need. They can help you identify and reach your goal; mental, physical, or spiritual.

Accountability Partner

An accountability partner is someone who you have confided in and is your go-to person when you are feeling the lowest of lows. This is someone whom you specifically ask to be there for you in an emergency. It can be a family member, friend, coworker, or partner. This person knows that when you send an S.O.S., they need to answer the phone or check on you. This accountability partner is your ultimate lifeline.

Care for Yourself

If you’re unsure of where to start, make an appointment with a provider at Shifa Healthcare to discuss what will work for you. No insurance? No problem. Shifa Healthcare is open to all. Schedule an appointment Now.

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